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2004 National study of Licensed Social Workers Demographic Fact Sheet – Non-Hispanic, White Social Workers*

  • Most non-Hispanic, White social workers (81%) hold an MSW degree; 14 percent hold a BSW degree, and 4 percent hold a doctoral degree.
  • Non-Hispanic, White social workers spend less time per week than social workers of other racial/ ethnic groups performing supervision (3.8 hours on average) and planning (3.5 hours on average).
  • Most non-Hispanic, White social workers (82%) are employed in the private not-for-profit, private for-profit, and state government sectors; they are the least likely racial/ethnic group to work in the federal government.
  • Non-Hispanic, White social workers are three times more likely than social workers of other racial/ethnic groups to be employed in nursing homes, hospice, and private group practice; they are the least likely to be in school settings.
  • Non-Hispanic, White social workers employed full-time are primarily in social service agencies (15%), hospitals/medical centers (11%), private solo practice (11%), and outpatient behavioral health settings (10%).
  • Non-Hispanic, Whites are the largest racial/ethnic group represented in the practice areas of addictions and higher education. They have the least representation in the community development and school social work practice areas.
  • The average salary of Non-Hispanic, White social workers is $50,400.
  • Most non-Hispanic, White social workers (91%) plan to remain in their field for at least the next two years.
  • Most Non-Hispanic, White social workers (75%) plan to remain in their current position over the next two years. Their short-term career plans generally consist of seeking new opportunities or promotion with their current employer or pursuing continuing education in social work.
  • The most important factors that influence non-Hispanic, White social workers' decision to change jobs are higher salary, lifestyle/family concerns, and stress of current job.

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